Mission, Vision


The activity of the company is based on long-term cooperation principles with its clients, partners and personnel. The company’s mission is to create the highest standard of the service due to high professionalism as well as establishment of modern technologies under the universal postal service principles that envisage protection and provision of every single citizen’s right to get the service without any obstacle. The clients can be absolutely sure that the Georgian Post ensures confidential and fast shipping to even the most remote parts of the country, despite season and weather. 




The company maintains the viewpoint to gain the clients’ loyalty by maintaining a high-quality service as well as being a trustful partner for the clients as well as partner organizations. A high-standard service and safe and timely delivery to the addressees at the service centers where professional operators are employed is the main reason for the company’s local and international success. The company also plans to become a leader regional postal operator by expanding the logistic line.